∴ ATMS - Airfield Tracking Management System

In recent years, the number of passengers and aircraft at airports around the world has increased exponentially, airport space management is therefore a key factor.
That is why we have developed the ATMS, the Airfield Tracking Management System, the software for managing airport aprons and tracking aircraft and vehicles.

ATMS using artificial intelligence, aggregates data from different sources and displays it in real time on a simple and intuitive interface, allowing operators to monitor the status of Apron stands and the position of aircraft and vehicles in airside areas.

  • Greater efficiency is achieved:
    through data analysis and statistics.
  • More safety is enhanced:
    with the monitoring of supplies and the automatic generation of Alerts through Runway reports and Safety Reports..
  • More control is obtained:
    with aircraft and vehicle tracking via smart cameras.

ATMS takes airport traffic management to a new technological level.
ATMS, Airfield Tracking Management System