∴ A&SItaly - 2017

The article "La Computer Vision nel campo della sicurezza" in A&SItaly – 2017 by the our experts Ruwan Fernando e Giuseppe Buda.

∴ A&SItaly - 2016

Carmelo Vinciullo, founder and executive director of Free Sat, was asked by A&SItaly about the outlook of biometric world market.

∴Avio-Italia.com - 2014

Carmelo Vinciullo gave an interview to Avio-Italia. Free Sat is a Sicilian Company which is successful as a leader in safety and security software especially designed for airports.

∴ Airpress 40 - 2013

This plan has been worked out in order to meet the needs of the airport of Catania Fontanarossa as far as his movement area is concerned. Aipress 40 has been used for one year and it aims to provide an ordinary and extraordinary inspecting activity. Such activity is fundamental to detect any faults. “This cutting edge technology – adds Carmelo Vinciullo – has allowed us to establish a cooperation between checking and repair service. Furthermore it has enabled us to describe the development of the fault and to check whether the corrective action is working properly”.

∴ Case Study Axis

Axis deals with aircraft at the Airport of Catania. The existing analog system migrates to the Net through Encoder Axis. Moreover the HDTV resolution of the new IP cameras provides sharper images. This result has been achieved through the cooperation between Axis experts and Free Sat Telecomunicazioni srl technicians.

Read the full article on the Axis site.

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∴ Case History August - 2011

Cutting edge video surveillance system for the Airport of Catania. Technology from the top producing companies Arteco IVS and Axis together with expertise by Free Sat have been employed in this project.

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