∴ Video surveillance

Video surveillance has become over the last decades the most common tool of security. Thanks to new technical developments, today’s safety cameras have never been so efficient. Banks and many other kinds of shops can rely on them. The most advanced and smart systems can check the visual data in real time almost from any place and at any time.

Free Sat Telecomunicazioni offers customers a large range of products and services (preliminary assessment, assessment of risks, planning, installation). Our experts can advise you on everything: cameras positioning, network infrastructure, video management system, data storage, display, alarm management functions, image-maps, image analysis. Thanks to our partnership with the best names (Axis, Arteco) we are able to plan video surveillance, even when it is necessary to integrate traditional analog systems. As Gold Partner we can offer top solutions such as on-site systems, direct technical assistance and demonstration equipment.

Video surveillance:

  • Management and analog/digital video system integration
  • Visual check of alarms and critical situations
  • Context analysis
  • Hosted video
  • Local and remote video monitoring
  • Remote assistance
  • Systematic assessment of the systems

In our portfolio you can see some video surveillance systems which we have carried out.