∴ Who we are

Free Sat was founded in 1999 and it soon established itself as a major competitor in radio communication and electronics. Our Company deals with any branch of telecommunications. Free Sat is a valuable and reliable source of information for his clients, offering them top services.

Our firm specializes in selling, installing and maintenance and repair of transceivers, relay stations, telecommunications installation, operations by remote control and telemetry, video surveillance systems, video analysis and software development.

Thanks to our ability, we have established trustworthy working relations with leading Companies and top brands. This has widened our field of business permitting us to make radio telecommunications radio systems and complex video surveillance ones both for military and civil use.

We have worked for: Ministries, Town Councils, Universities, Military bodies, Airports, Hotels and a lot of small private firms.

We have a wide range of top brand products (Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Rac, Procom, Axis, Motorola canopy and many more). See information about these makes in our site.

Freesat Telecomunicazioni deals with the following main activities:

  • Telecommunications: selling and hiring of transceivers. Analysis, feasibility study, planning and implementation of synchronic, multi-access and conventional radio systems. Installation of radio links/relay stations and pylon.
  • Video surveillance: simple and complex video surveillance systems, setting up of information room. Video analysis.
  • Software development: planning, development and selling of software applications (mobile, desktop, server).
  • Airport Safety: selling and installation of technical equipment which keeps birds away from aircraft. Making of systems on demand. Planning and making of airport security software.

CEO: Carmelo Vinciullo.
Num.Tel. 3284150127

All our systems are professionally made and certified in accordance with Law 37/08.
Technical Manager: Rosario Fausto Micalizio.