∴ Information science and technology

We develop customized software focusing our attention on its usability and durability. Any project carried out by Free Sat includes an estimate, an assessment of its use and life. Moreover, the attention we pay to the interface design is crucial to focusing on our clients’ needs. Our expertise in the area of customized software programming and our cooperation with skilled trade partners enable us to carry out any kind of projects (that’s to say: large, small, simple, complex). By combining different technologies and platforms we achieve the best results and top quality. Moreover, we provide directly hardware and software integrated systems.

  • Development process and assistance
    The software development is crucial to obtaining the client’s satisfaction, and therefore we will decide together what features you wish your software to have.
  • Desktop applications
    We make installer and uninstaller complete programs, which are user friendly and simple to set up and upgrade when needed.
  • Distributed applications
    A distributed system is a system whose components are located on different networked computers, which coordinate their actions by passing messages to one another and this is very important when you should share data and processes in order to improve productivity. Thus by employing a single process, you will have at your disposal a very powerful and advanced program that can be used simultaneously by distant users avoiding waste of time and data loss. Your operating system will be fully integrated.
  • Mobile apps
    The use of tablets and smart phones has recently become very popular and this has intrigued and challenged us so much as to specialize in technology for Android.